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Friday, March 25, 2011

Kurukku Chiruthavale (Mudalvan) -Cover by N V Krishnan and Rashmi Nair

Here is another duet with Rashmi Nair – one of the most talented singers in the blogging space.. . A very brilliant song from the movie “Mudalvan”. Though I had proposed to cover its Hindi version, it was Rashmi who suggested to go for the Tamil. Glad that we ultimately covered the Tamil version which is indeed a much impressive and better one…

Tamil lyrics was quite tough for me… I hope my diction is not too bad….

Thank you Rashmi for accepting my request and for finding time to sing this song so beautifully…

Please listen to this and give your feedback…

Song: Kurukku Chiruthavale
Movie: Mudalvan
Music: A R Rahman
Original Singers: Hariharan and Mahalaxmi Iyer
Covered by: N V Krishnan and Rashmi Nair

View the comments on the song at MUZIBOO


Brinda said...

Hi Krishnan Fantastic I was
wondering Iwas hearing Harihran's voice. Rashmi has
also sung this duetvery well
Thank you for aTamil song
Your beautiful voice is really
God's gift. Brinda

N.V.Mani said...

Very good singing by both of you. Lively performance in typical tamil style,suits you very well.

Vijayakrishnan said...

Though we know little Tamil, could enjoy the song.Good job done.

N V Krishnan said...

Brinda, Mani anna and Vijay.. Thanks a lot for listening and the nice feedback..I am glad that you all liked our attempt at this wonderful song..


Deva Naadam said...

Two great singers from Muziboo.. Soothing style... loved it and enjoyed well.