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Monday, March 21, 2011

Aa Chal Ke Tujhe - Cover by N V Krishnan

My attempt to sing one of Kishore Da's best songs.. Please listen to this and give your feedback..:)

Movie: Door Gagan Ki Chaon Mein
Song Written, Composed and Sung by: Kishore Kumar

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Akshay said...

Hello sir!! Back here after a long time and must tell you, a very sincere and honest attempt. The song in your voice has such a soothing feel, could easily be used as a lullaby. This easily has the potential to replace the original :)

Brinda said...

Hi Krishnan, As Akshay has told this song could be used as a lullaby. Your voice is melting and this is really a God's gift. You have sung marvellously as usual. Brinda

Brinda said...

Hi Krishnan, You have sung this song
marvellously, and as Akshay has told
this can be used as a lullaby. Your voice is floating as usual.Please
give some Tamil film songs Brinda

N V Krishnan said...

Akshay ...That was a huge compliment.. :) Appreciate your support and encouragement,Thanks a lot..

Brinda.. Thanks for those generous words of appreciation ..Really humbled..