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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Nazar Uuthao Zara Tum-Cover by N V Krishnan

My attempt to sing one of the best Ghazals created by Jagjit – Gulzar duo…. Extremely thankful to Praveen Pandit for the Karaoke track…Please do listen and give your feedback…

Song: Nazar Uthao Zara Tum….
Album: Koi Baat Chale
Lyrics: Gulzar
Original Singer: Jagjit Singh
Cover by : N V Krishnan

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Ente Pranayam - Original Song Composed , Orchestrated and Sung by N V Krishnan

At last a complete original song in my voice……!!!!!

This song marks the first of many aspects of music production in my case…

This is my first(complete) original song
This is my first song composed by me…
This is the first song for which I have single handedly done the music arrangement and orchestration

As it is normally said, necessity is the mother of invention… here in my case I too was forced to do the orchestration and arrangement my self after my umpteen attempts to get it done through my friends…All were busy with their own projects with no time to spare….I wont blame any of them… Probably I too may not be able to help others in similar situations…In fact some of my composer friends did try their best but could not succeed due their other commitments….At last I took up the project my self and started to do the arrangements in an entirely different ambience…Hope you all like it…It might sound a bit amateurish (rightly so)…. Mixing as well as the singing could be much better…but I am quite eager to share this with you all and get your feedback…

I should thank Nisikanth who has written such wonderful lines and gave it to me for composing with absolute confidence… It indeed made me feel great…Thank you NISI for those brilliant lyrics and the sincere help you had extended to me…Your preview of the recordings was very helpful…

Song: Ente Pranayam
Lyrics : Nisikanth Gopi
Composed, Arranged &Orchestrated and Sung : N V Krishnan