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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Soorya Kireedom - Cover By N V Krishnan

For this year's ONAM I wanted to sing and upload a Malayalam song. This is a sopng that has moved me a lot. Very nice melodious song from the movie "Devasuram" so nicely sung M G Sreekumar. I would rate this one as one of his best. This song was composed by M G Radhakrishnan, a noted musician, composer and also the elder brother of the singer M G Sreekumar. Song was written by the most popular and successful lyricist in Malayalam now - Girish Puthencherry.

Hope I have done reasonable justice to the song. I am extremely thankful to Mr. Sreeharshan Nambiar, a wonderful singer himself and an fellow blogger for all the help and assistance extended to me in getting the mixing right.. ..Thanks a lot Harshan.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Gudgudee(Just Married) - Cover by Priyanka Krishnan

I am uploading a song of my daughter Priyanka after a long time. As you can see she has very good potential as a singer if she gives more attention to music and singing which she is not able to do at present due to the priorities attached to academics .

Here she has covered a song from the movie ‘Just Married’ sung originally by Sunidhi Chauhan..Though this song somehow did not get too popular, this is one of my favourite songs of Sunidhi.

Priyanka has dedicated this song to her best friend Deepika who had requested her to sing this quite sometime back……

A special thanks to Azam bhai who promptly arranged the track ….

Friends please listen and let us know what you feel about it

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Ya rabba (Kailash Kher) - Cover by N V Krishnan

I am probably being over confident of myself by trying a number like this. Absolutely a song of different genre from my usual type. Was tempted to sing this when I heard this first time ..

Please pardon me for any lapses and advice me about the areas for improvement…I have not in fact stuck to the original song fully. Especially the ending harkat was improvised a bit by me..

Looking forward to your feedback..

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Ya Rabba -Cover by N V Krishnan

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Chandan Sa Badan - Cover by N V Krishnan

This song of Mukesh ji has been a favourite of millions for years. I am no exception. Though it was on my ‘to sing’ list, it was pushed further by my friend Shampak who made a request to me to sing this one. Thanks Shampak for considering me capable of doing some justice to this classic song.

I am not sure whether I did any justice or not.. Do listen and give your honest feedback. Up-loading a 128kbps version after a long time .
.Hope it works..

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Mal Priyane - Christian Devotional Cover (Malayalam)

Yesterday when I heard this Malayalam song rendered by Keerthi , U K based friend of mine who is also an extremely talented singer ,I could not resist the temptation to sing this ..As the track and lyrics were quite handy and I also could find the much needed time for that..

And here is my version of this lovely Devotional song in my voice.. This is my first attempt at a Christian Devotional song. If the Feel and expressions and also the pronounciation are not right , please pardon me and also advice me.

Hope I did a reasonably acceptable version. In fact I have not heard the original at all..So please excuse me for any deviations

Your feedback will be highly appreciated. And last but not least .. Thank you very much Keerthi, for introducing me to such a lovely song.


Mal Priyane -Christian Devotional (Cover - Malyalam)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Choo Lene Do Naazuk Hoton ko(Kajal) - Cover by N V Krishnan

Though this is a fresh recording done now, this was the first song I had recorded in my voice with a Karaoke. That was around 2 years ago. Being a song I was singing after almost 25 years with so much of seriousness, with the Back ground music and that too in front of a microphone in a professional recording studio, the outcome was obviously not up to the mark.

I decided to redo the song and here I am…This is definitely better than my earlier recording though how good it is….it is for you all to decide…

Do listen and let me have your feedback


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