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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ghar Se Nikalte Hi - Cover by N V Krishnan

After a long time I am back with an upload. Being very busy in office, I hardly get time for music these days. However managed to record this song.

Singing a song of Udit Narayan for the second time. (First one being ‘Pehla Nasha’ sung with my daughter Priyanka 2 years ago. Though I feel I have tried my best to bring in the emotions and feel of the song, it is for you all to give your verdict as to how much I have succeeded in my attempt.

Looking forward to your feedback ….

Movie: Papa Kehte Hain
Music Direction : Rajesh Roshan
Singer : Udit Narayan
Cover by : N V Krishnan

DOWNLOAD the song

View the comments on the song at MUZIBOO and at SHYJUZ

Ghar Se nikalte hi - Cover by N V Krishnan | Online recorder


Panchabaanan said...


...As Always...Good Selection and Very Good Singing...Really Enjoyed...Keep Entertaining...

Best Regards,

Akshay said...

Many thanks for singing one of my all-time favourites. All I can say is SPLENDID, due to a severe loss of words.

Vinod said...

Dear Krishnan,

Great singing! Underscores the saying it is never too late to start.

Unbelievable, to hear your voice like this after all these years!

My regards to Amma, Mani and Moorthy.

God bless you.


(at Reem, Sharjah in passing)

Vinod said...

Krishnan, you have done it again. This song is one of my personal favorite! Nice singing. Vijayan(Dubai)

Radha said...

As always nothing less than perfection..faultless.. smooth vocals blending well with the music..good song choice to exhibit the richness of your voice... You do these ballads so well that it sometimes eclipses the original!! Liked it a lot! Look forward to more..thank you & cheers

Taj said...

Flawless singing sir!! Absolutely no words for such a fantabulous singing :) No doubt your second innings is rocking :)Keep singing!!

Dinesh Pithia said...

Very nice selection and very well sung. Admire your singing skills and melodious voice. Thanks for sharing this beautiful song. I always enjoy listening your renditions. I wonder, what's next!


N V Krishnan said...

PB, Akshay, Vinod, Radha , Taj and Dinesh ji,

Thanks for listening to my song and give such wonderful comments. Appreciate your time and support.

Vinod..Glad to be in touch with you after almost 30 years...:)


Jaya Swaminathan said...

this is one of my favourite Yaman based song :) and thank you for doing this song usual wonderful rendition! your voice is truly beautiful!

Brinda said...

Hi Krishnan a beautiful, melodious
song I had missed your voice for so
many years anyway I will hear more
now onwards continue your entertainment Brinda