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Friday, November 20, 2009

Mandhara Cheppundo - Cover By N V Krishnan and Aditi

Here I come with a Malayalam number I have sung with Aditi. This is the first song I am singing with this extremely taleted singer who is currently based in the USA.

This song originally sung by MG Sreekumar and K S Chitra is from the movie “Dasaradham” and is composed by Johnson.

Hope you all will listen to this attempt of ours and give your views.

Song : Mandara Cheppundo
Movie : Dasaradham
Music : Johnson
Lyrics: Poovachal Khader
Singers : M G Sreekumar and K S Chithra
Cover by : N V Krishnan and Aditi

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Mandara Cheppundo - Cover By N V Krishnan and Aditi | Upload Music


Sajja said...

Krishnan and Aditi you both sang really well. I have not heard the original song, but this one is good enough for me. Aditi, apart from the starting it sounded really good. What can I say about you Krishnan awesome as always.

Radha said...

NVK Another perfect delivery! Can only praise your powerful voice control and clarity in diction.. this song was MG Sreekumar's big hit in the early 90s and your version is on par... every word every line in fact has the same level of emotion behind it! Aditi - like it has been mentioned above the start is audibly different - it seemed you were struggling with the words "tazhukunna kattil, tarattu pattin valsalyam..rapadiyekum.... nairmalyam" and then it just flows... Beautiful voice delicate yet so rich...Look forward to many more duets!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear NV,

Again U have done well- "Mandara cheppundo....."Very melodious.Voice of Adithi is also very good.I believe U are a fan of MG Srikumar.Congrats. A.N.KUTTY

Dinesh Pithia said...

Though I can't understand a word, but
really enjoyed listening your melodious and captivating voice. You both have sung beautifully. Hearing Aditi for the first time and I must say that she has a very beautiful voice. Thanks for sharing.
My next farmaish "Jagjitji's Ghazal" in your voice...may be a duet!

Shantay said...


I'm taking the liberty to comment in your blog for the first time.

I am so impressed with your singing and Aditis singing. So perfect in sangathis which is impossible for a normal person.

There could be minor recording issues in parts of the duets. It is understandable because the recording is done from two different zones..

You both are extremely talented as you've said in the overview. Please sing more duets as your voices match!!! Waitig for more and more !!!


N V Krishnan said...

Saroj, Radha, Kutty ji, abc, Dinesh ji and Shanthi...

Very glad to learn you all liked our song. It was good to read such wonderful words you have written on our song. Thanks a lot.


Suresh said...

Hi, Wonderful singing. Your voice is very soothing and melodious. I am glad I accidently hit this blog.It is s God given yalent. Bring it on...