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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ramzanile Chandrikayo - Cover by N V Krishnan

On the auspicious occasion of Ramazan, I present this lovely romantic song. Though it is not probably related anyway to the celebrations of the Festival, the arabic style of music gives it an Islamic touch and thereby a mood suitable to the season.

This song originally sung by P>Jayachandran was written by Vayalar and Composed by G> Devarajan for the movie "Aalibabayum 41 Kallanmaarum". Please listen and give your feedback..


DOWNLOAD the song

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Ramzanile Chandrikayo - By N V Krishnan


Akshay said...

Great song selection and you've sung it beautifully!! In my opinion, I would certainly not rate this as one of your best songs. I thought your voice was not steady in certain places.

All in all, way to go, Etta!! All the best. Looking forward to hearing "Chakravarthini" in your blog roll sometime soon.

Radha said...

Perfect delivery! It has been years since I heard the original but from memory you have definitely done justice to it. It is one of those songs where the lyrics and the notes blend to give it a kind of passive/emotive feel with a touch of passion.. And sung in your rich, expressive & very powerful voice, if anything, you have recreated it with perfection in the same soothing, smooth & melodious tune.. Anymore and you would have overdone it. I listened to it a few times. Your diction is, as always, so accurate & clear..(except for one miniscule fault with a word – 'manthasmitam' sounds like 'mankasmitam'!) It is that clarity and the richness of your voice that draws me to your music..


U said...

Very good song for the occasion of Ramazan.
Thank u 4 the mail

N V Krishnan said...

Akshay, Radha and Varghese...

Thanks for coming here and listening to my song. Glad that you liked what you heard..