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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lehron Ki Tarah Yaadein - Cover by N V Krishnan

One more of Kishore da’s song covered by me. An excellent song from the movie ‘Nishan’. As always I am presenting this song of Kishore da too with lots of concern as to whether I could do any reasonable justice to the original or not.

Thanks to Radha for requesting me to sing such a nice song… Also thanks to Mr. Dinesh Pithia ji for the Karaoke track.

Please listen to this attempt of mine and give your feedback…

Movie :Nishan
Music Director :Rajesh Roshan
Original Singer: Kishore Kumar
Lyrics:Gulshan Bawara
Covered by : N V Krishnan

DOWNLOAD the song

View the feedback on the song at MUZIBOO


U said...

Very good hindi song. Thank u 4 the mail.

NV, Pl.keep it up

Best wishes

Radha said...

Thank you....Am honoured that you took my request into account!

Listened to the song repeatedly and loved it more and more.... You are undoubtedly gifted with both voice and talent!! Your voice especially has a very endearing quality and lingers on well after the music has finished..

Wish you the very best for the citadels yet to conquer....

I noticed that you recently sang Neele gagan ke tale & Mera jeevan gora kagaz at a live performance. Did a google search but it failed to reveal any links with your recordings of these songs...Look forward to it being added here at some stage... :-)

Once again in appreciation...

Parasmani said...

This song is again new to me. Liked the lyrics by Gulshan Bawra. I could feel the influence of his traumatic childhood in there.
Your voice, style and delivery-Nice!
"Dhoond" needs to be clearer.

N V Krishnan said...

Hi Varghese...Thanks a lot for taking time to hear and the feedback..Really appreciate..

Radha...I am very glad that you liked the song sang as per your request. Thanks for the nice encouraging words on my singing and the songs. Regarding the songs I had sung for the show, I have not uploaded them anywhere in the cyberspace as I do not have the recordings.

Paras...thanks for listening and the feedback. I am glad that you liked it. Regarding the word "Dhoond" - I did not pronounce it as 'Dhoond' at all..In the lyrics I got from the net it had 'doodh' in it. I also did not bother to check it out and went ahead pronouncing it as 'doodh' only. :( Shall be more careful about such matters in future..

Thanks again ..


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