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Friday, August 14, 2009

Mal Priyane - Christian Devotional Cover (Malayalam)

Yesterday when I heard this Malayalam song rendered by Keerthi , U K based friend of mine who is also an extremely talented singer ,I could not resist the temptation to sing this ..As the track and lyrics were quite handy and I also could find the much needed time for that..

And here is my version of this lovely Devotional song in my voice.. This is my first attempt at a Christian Devotional song. If the Feel and expressions and also the pronounciation are not right , please pardon me and also advice me.

Hope I did a reasonably acceptable version. In fact I have not heard the original at all..So please excuse me for any deviations

Your feedback will be highly appreciated. And last but not least .. Thank you very much Keerthi, for introducing me to such a lovely song.


Mal Priyane -Christian Devotional (Cover - Malyalam)


ERB said...

very nice song sung nicely by you. Thanks and congrats

Akshay said...

Me too haven't heard the original but from whatever you have sung, you have maintained the mood of the song. Congratulations for working so hard for creating a Sunday morning mass in the church ambience. You sang the song from the heart and that's what really matters in the end.

Can you please try the song, "Chakravarthini" from Chembarathi by Dasettan? It would really suit the texture of your voice.

N V Krishnan said...

ERB..Glad to get the feedback on this from you. Nice to know you liked it. Thanks a lot

Akshay...Yes ..I did have to work quite a lot to get the mood and feel right. Glad to know that you liked it. I shall surely try to sing 'Chakravartini'..Thanks a lot..