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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Chandan Sa Badan - Cover by N V Krishnan

This song of Mukesh ji has been a favourite of millions for years. I am no exception. Though it was on my ‘to sing’ list, it was pushed further by my friend Shampak who made a request to me to sing this one. Thanks Shampak for considering me capable of doing some justice to this classic song.

I am not sure whether I did any justice or not.. Do listen and give your honest feedback. Up-loading a 128kbps version after a long time .
.Hope it works..

Download the Song

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Vidyu said...

Awesome singing NVK. Beautifully done! :)

Parasmani said...

Very nice choice... makes a nice tribute for Mukesh's 33rd anniversary(Aug. 27)...
Voice and feelings are great!

Sajja said...

I love this song and you have sung it with very good feel, brings back nice old memories. Thanks Krishnan for sharing this song.