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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Anisuthide (Mungaru Male) -Cover By N V Krishnan

My second attempt at a Kannada song - the first one being Ninnindale. From the moment I first heard this one I was completely in love with it.. This beautiful composition of Mano Murthy sung equally well sung by Sonu Nigam, is from the movie “Mungaru Male”

Kannadigas.... please bear with my diction, if it is too bad. I have taken maximum care to pronounce the words right..But being a non-Kannadiga, will probably reflect in my diction anyway..Overall singing quality,according to me, was not so satisfactory..There are a few off pitch notes in the Pallavi(Mukhda). But I got fed up trying so many times . Getting right the diction, tune and the overdose of expressions as Sonu, were tough. Decided to stop all the trials & upload and wait for your feedback/verdict..:)

Please listen and give your feedback..

Anisuthide(Kannada) -Cover by N V Krishnan

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