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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ekantha Padhikan Njaan - Cover by N V Krishnan

A song which is very close to my heart. This song brings back the memories of my college days when I used to sing this quite often .. Especially that farewell party in 1972 when my rendition of this song brought tears in many of my classmates' eyes.. those near and DEAR ones..

This song is from the movie "Ummachu" and was originally sung by P Jayachandran..

Please do listen and give your feedback..

Ekantha pathikan -Malayalam Cover

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Sajja said...

very nice old song.
as usual you have sung very well Krishnan with full feelings

Radha said...

Been listening to your songs on this site as well as on Muziboo..loved them all... just to mention a couple of malayalam songs such as 'ekantha padhikan' & 'karayunnu puzha chirikkunnu' - brilliant/captivating...

You are most certainly gifted with a fantastic voice..what sets you apart is your talent in bringing to life these old nostalgic haunting lyrics, infusing such emotion and individual exppression into it...appreciate your sharing this! Radha

N V Krishnan said...

Hi Sajja..Thanks a lot for the nice comment.

Radha... Very happy to read those nice words you have written in appreciation. Glad that you liked the songs I have sung. Thank you very much for the time and encouragement.