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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Main Dil Tu DHadkan -Cover by N V Krishnan

Singing a Kishore Kumar's song after a long time. ..a song deep meaning engraved in it. I am always scared to sing a Kishore song.. Its not easy create the magic of Kishore kumar. Many try to copy with not much success - no offence meant to any of those Kishore da Song singers.. Kishore Da is one of the most versatile singers we ever had.. I have not tried to copy Kishore da and have sung in my own style..

This song is from the movie “Adhikar”(1986).. Such meaningful lines were written by Indeevar and composed by Bappi Lahiri..

Please listen and give your feedback..

main dil tu dhadkan -Cover by N V Krishnan

View the feedback on the song at "MUZIBOO"


Parasmani said...

Very pleasant rendition. I had never heard this song before. This is the first time I heard a "sober" tune composed by Bappi Lahiri. I associate his music with Hungama, Club, Dance...Oh! and I like all those too!

Amin Charania said...

You sung it with the right emotions, really enjoyed your rendition.


Nandita said...

Really liked how you sang the song in your style. Thoroughly enjoyed listening.

Anonymous said...

Hello! Got the time now and hence came o your blog from Pradip's.

Well who are gifted singer.

Dr. Priya

R said...


Love your music..

More of KK's please...

Am not sure whether you have sung this favourite of mine but else pl can I make a request?

'Lahron ki tarah yaadein'