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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Unnikale Oru Katha Parayam - Cover By N V Krishnan

Another old Malayalam hit for which Ganagandharvan Dr. K J Yesudas got a National Award. It was the first major hit of Ouseppachan as a music director. Incidentally Ouseppachan and myself used to be quite friendly during our college days and have done couple of stage shows together in the mid seventies..

I have tried to sing the melodious song to the best of my ability . I am not too sure if I succeeded in my attempt.

Please listen and let me have your honest views on it..

Unnikale oru Katha Parayam- Cover by NVK-64MP3


Sajja said...

very nice song.
you sang it really well Krishnan.
i enjoyed listening to it.

u.varghese said...

NV, Very good Malayalam song, keep it up.
We enjoyed the song


U.Varghese & Fly.

Nandita said...

You surely did succeed in your attempt Sir :). Liked it a loot.