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Friday, April 24, 2009

Deewana Hua Baadal (Kashmir Ki Kali) - Cover By NVK with Smitha

Yet another song with Smitha..This time an all time classic of the Great O.P.Nayyar Ji-Rafi Saheb-Asha ji trio from the movie 'Kashmir Ki Kali'.

I dont think the song needs any more intro than what is written above.. It is a difficult song . Moreover it is so popular that every one knows the minutest details of the song..

Hope that we have done reasonable justice to the song.. I am very thankful to Smitha Passanha for asking me to sing this with her and also for mixing this song.

Your feedback is very eagerly awaited..

Deewana Hua Badal(Kashmir Ki Kali)- Cover by NVK with Smitha


Paras said...

Beautiful choice and very nice, very enjoyable rendition.

Dinesh Pithia said...

Very Nice! Not heard many songs of Rafi Sahab's in your voice. Great choice and delightful rendition. kept the mood flowing. Smitha has a charming voice. Enjoyed! Thanks for sharing.

Azam Khan said...

An evergreen song indeed!

NVK sahab, your voice sounded very enchanting. Very nicely done! Right emphasis on words makes it a pleasure to listen to.

Smitha, good brave attempts at inducing improvisations. Liked it very much!

Excellent effort!

Nandita said...

Enjoyed listening to this classic in your voices.