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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Malarnthum Malaratha(Pasamalar) -Cover by N V Krishnan and Meena

One of the most melodious songs in Tamil which really gives most of the old timers wonderful nostalgic memories..This number from the movie “Pasamalar” had lyrics written by the legendary lyricist Kannadasan, composed by Viswanathan-Ramamurthi and sung by T M Sounderarajan and P Susheela..

Thanks to Meena, a wonderful singer, for proposing to sing this with her and also for singing the female portion so nicely….This is the first ever cover of TMS done by me .. I have not tried to copy his style at all as it is impossible for me to do so…

Please listen and let us have your honest feedback on our singing..

I dedicate this song to my Mother-in-law who, I am told, has very fond nostalgic memories attached to this song..

Malarnthu Malaratha - Cover with Meena--64MP3


N.V.Mani said...

Wonderful song! it indeed gives the nostalgic memories.
The song is rendered very well by both of you.

S Dhanaraj said...

Excellent, Congratulations..... S Dhanaraj

ERB said...

Except for the pronunciation on
ல ழ ள a neat sung song. Please come up with more of tamil songs