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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ente Veena Kambiyellam - Cover By N V Krishnan

After a gap I am posting a song.. This song, which many of the youngsters would not have probably heard so much, is from Mooladhanam(1969). It brings back the memories of my school days and Satyan Master on whom the song was picturised.

In fact I was inspired to sing this number after seeing a telecast of this song in the Doordarshan recently..

Please do listen and give your feedback..

Ente Veena Kambiyellam -Cover by N V Krishnan | Upload Music

Ente veena kambiyellam - Cover


Harshan said...

NVK sir ..not familiar with the original...but glad that I heard this rendition in your soothing voice. Very expressive rendition, loved your open throated singing..had a nice vintage feel to the recording as well. Keep it up sir.

Sajja said...

valare nannayi paadi Krishnan. one of the old favourite songs. keep singing and sharing.

Panchabaanan said...

...Just Loved your Singing Krishnanji...As Usual...Very Good Expressions...Expecting More Malayalam Songs...

...Keep Singing and Sharing...

...All the very Best..


Jo said...

Beautiful rendition NVK. The only part I felt which could be perfected was the "Oooo" part. Except that, you are wonderful as usual. :-)