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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Dard Se Mera Daman Bhar De(Sajda) - Cover by N V Krishnan

Here I am with the cover of yet another song from the Album ‘Sajda’. This song sung originally by Lataji is my wife’s favourite… I dedicate this song to my wife USHA….

Please listen to this attempt of mine and give your feedback…

Song: Dard Se Mera Daman Bhar De
Album: SAJDA
Lyrics : Qateel Shafai
Composer: Jagjit Singh
Original Singer: Lata Mangeshkar
Cover by : N V Krishnan

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Dard Se Mera Daman Bhar De - Cover by N V Krishnan | Upload Music


Jaya Swaminathan said...

I thinks this is just beautiful!! i just love this song..i couldn't imagine it in a male voice but I think it was so soothing to hear and amazing feel! your voice has magic.

N V Krishnan said...

Hi.. Thanks a lot for visiting my blog and listening to my song. Really glad to read those wonderful comments..Coming from an excellent singer like you, it means a lot to me ...NVK