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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Thumbippenne Va Va - Cover by N V Krishnan with Sheba

One of the finest compositions of S P Venkatesh from the movie “DHRUVAM”. It has been in my list of songs 'to sing' since long…At last here I am with Sheba singing with me…

Please note that the ‘Alaaps(Male)’ in the beginning and the interludes were not sung by me. They were there in the Karaoke track… However Sheba has sung those swaras

Do listen and give your feedback…

Movie : Dhruvam
Music : S P Venkatesh
Lyrics: Shibu Chakravarty
Original Singers: KJY and Sujatha
Covered by : N V Krishnan and Sheba

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Thumbippenne Va Va - Cover by NVK with Sheba | Upload Music


Parasmani said...

I liked the composition very much, lyrics and language are "foreign" to me; still very enjoyable product.
Loved the tabla.
NVK: Always like the texture of your voice.
Sheba: Very nice sargam.

Akshay said...

I personally feel that this was one of the finest compositions of SP Venkatesh. I liked the composition very much. The alaapam in the beginning was very nice. Sheba has got a heavenly voice and NVK sir, the texture of your mellow voice blended very easily with the tabla. A special note to Sheba here for the excellent rendition of the sargam in the first charanam.