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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Nenjukkul Peythidum - Cover by N V Krishnan and Priyanka Krishnan

Here I am with another Tamil number. This is a song which has impressed me the most in the recent times. I was not too sure if it would suit my style ….but anyway thought of giving it a try…

I have attempted this with my daughter Priyanka who has sung the female portions. I have done a few Harmonies too though kept them at a very low level as I am not sure if they were rightly done or not, so that the song if alright otherwise, should not sound awful by the poor harmonies…….

Do listen and give your feedback….

Song: Nenjukkul peythidum
Movie : Vaaranam Aayiram
Music : Harris Jeyaraj
Covered by : N V Krishnan and Priyanka Krishnan

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Nenjukkul Peythidum - Cover by N V Krishnan & Priyanka | Upload Music


Sajja said...

it is really sounding very nice.
You sound younger day by day.

your singing is superb and Priyanka sounds really great too

well done father and daughter, keep posting more such songs


Anonymous said...

Your singing is super. Well done Priyanka!!! hats of to both of you

Akshay said...

Brilliant attempt!! I felt that you could have spoken the lines just like how Surya blurts it out culminating in the "You are responsible" way. Priyanka's voice has great potential and looking forward to hearing from Priyanka more often.

Jaya Swaminathan said...

Beautiful! :) I thought i was listening to Hariji :) wonderful and sweet rendition :)

Brinda said...

Krishnan Fantastic As Jaya said your voice resembles that of Hariharan When I 1st heard your voice
I told Gayathri and Kailas about this