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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tera Hone Laga Hoon - Cover by Gautam & Priyanka Krishnan

My daughter Priyanka was very keen to sing this song.I wanted my 13 year old son Gautam to sing this song with Priyanka. But he had no time to spare to sing and record…:) He is always busy playing Cricket – after all he is having his summer vacation. It was not easy to make him sing. At last I had to threaten that I will sing the male portion of this number if he does not……and it worked…He immediately got ready to sing. And here I am …uploading the song originally sung by Alisha and Atif Aslam…

Please listen and give your feedback

Movie: Ajab Pyar Ki Gazab Kahani
Original Singers : Alisha and Atif Aslam
Covered by: Gautam Krishnan and Priyanka Krishnan

Thanks to Smitha for sharing the track …:)

Tera Hone Laga Hoon - Cover by Gautam and Priyanka Krishnan


N.V.Mani said...

What a fantastic performance!
My rating: >> ***** !!
I am listening your song after long time.Your voice matches with present generation singers.
Practice well since you do have potential to reach zenith of performance.
Priyanka,as usual,has sung well.
NVK deserves special congrats.
All the best.

Radha said...

Brilliant performance! There is a lot I could say to encourage you further but the space being limited here, will try to get hold of an email ID and email you. However this needs to be publicly acknowledged that you undoubtedly have tremendous potential in the music industry. First impression was you are incredibly talented. This can be nurtured/developed and cultivated further. Your amazing voice though is a gift! And in spite of your tender age there is a quality in your voice that is very promising. I can say (in a very positive way) that it eclipses Priyanka's in this song. I was unsure whether the English lyrics were part of the track so I only paid attention to the Hindi and it was superb. If there is any reluctance to sing publicly, let me just remind you that music, like any other form of art, brings a lot of joy to others.
Good luck!

Vijay said...

No words to express about the talent of your children! Gautam & Priyanka are marvelous! Chip of the old bloke….what else could I say! Give them the right kind of encouragement and they have to go a long way in music! God bless them.

N V Krishnan said...

Manianna, Radha and Vijayan...Thanks a lot for the nice encouraging words..Really appreciate your time and support..


Parasmani said...

Enjoyed reading about the scare tactics you had to use to make Gautam sing.
I think both Priyanka and Gautam will laugh when I say that I had never heard this song before.

Enjoyed it immensely!

N V Krishnan said...

Paras...Thanks a lot for listening and the nice feedback


U.Varghese said...

Hi Gautam & Priyanka,

Very good song,keep it up.

Varghese Uncle & Fly., Thane

prema said...

wonderful singing by priyanka and gautam. Has gautam sung the entire male portion?He has great depth in his voice for a 13 year old.Priyanka,like always has sung very well.Krishnan, all appreciation to you for giving the children immense encouragement!!!!!!!even if it has to be in the form of a threat!!!!!!!
Well done!!!!!!!gautam and priyanka!!!!!!!keep it up!!!!!!!!!

Prema Ramakrishnan

prema said...

Very well sung by gautam and priyanka. Has gautam sung the entire male portion of the song? He has got great depth in his voice for a 13 year old.Priyanka,like always has sung well.krishnan,i appreciate the immense encouragement u give the children, even if it has to be in the form of a threat!!!!!
Well done!!Priyanka and Gautam Keep it up!!!!!!!!!

Prema Ramakrishnanaa

Chalakudi N said...

Didn;t know that Gautam too could sing! Great work, Priyanka and Gautam! Congraulations!
Gita Chitti and Appu Chittappa