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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Gudgudee(Just Married) - Cover by Priyanka Krishnan

I am uploading a song of my daughter Priyanka after a long time. As you can see she has very good potential as a singer if she gives more attention to music and singing which she is not able to do at present due to the priorities attached to academics .

Here she has covered a song from the movie ‘Just Married’ sung originally by Sunidhi Chauhan..Though this song somehow did not get too popular, this is one of my favourite songs of Sunidhi.

Priyanka has dedicated this song to her best friend Deepika who had requested her to sing this quite sometime back……

A special thanks to Azam bhai who promptly arranged the track ….

Friends please listen and let us know what you feel about it

DOWNLOAD the song
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g3 said...

Hiii priyanka...
very beautifully sung...n your voice is sounding great too!! keep it up n All the best :)

Jo said...

Hi Priyanka, I haven't heard the original, but your sound so pro! Keep up the good work and please do post more songs often.

Arvind Srinivasan said...

Dear NVK,

A listened to your audio blog and you have a very nice collection !

I love music and occasionally componse. Looking forward to collaborating with singers and would invite you to listen to some of my works here

If you think singing for such efforts would interest you, kindly contact me.

Good luck !

Srinivasan said...

Priyanka Dear
I and your Chitti feel that you sound very different on mike and on tracks than when in person..sounds as if some playback singer is singing this number..very nice..Keep up the collaboration with your dads encouragement at the best
Srini Chittappa

U said...

Very good song, please keep it up