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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ranjish Hi Sahi (Mehdi Hassan) - Cover by N V Krishnan

It was probably in the late seventies, I started to get attracted to Ghazals… One of the Ghazals that caught my attention in those days was Khan Saheb’s “Ranjish hi Sahi…” Day in day out I used to hum this number… I had a cassette with the live performance of Khan Saheb in it… Later I happened to have an instrumental version too of this ghazal played brilliantly by Sunil Ganguly…

In 2007-08 when I started to record I was looking for the track of the ghazal. One of my friends from esnips helped me with a track which was not of the version I was familiar with… Yet I tried my best to sing along with that track made in lines with the filmi version of the same ghazal… I was not too pleased with output and did not upload it anywhere… Subsequently our friend Paras ji was kind enough to share this track with me which she got from …… Thanks to Praras ji and Taraana ….:)

And here it is – my cover of this extremely brilliant ghazal of Ustad Mehdi Hassan Saheb… I dedicate this to Khan Saheb who is ailing, with my prayers to the Almighty for his speedy recovery. … I humbly request music lovers from all over the globe to sincerely pray for him. Artists like Khan Saheb are very precious to us…We want him to be amidst us as long as possible….!!!!!

Thank you Muzaffar Naqvi Shaeb for doing a preview ……… and for the valuable inputs…:)

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