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Monday, April 11, 2011

In Dino (Life in a Metro)-Cover by Priyanka Krishnan

This song from the film ‘Life in a Metro’ has been very special for my daughter Priyanka Krishnan, as she used to sing this one at every place whereever she was asked to sing…:)

Here she has sung this in her own style… Since there is no female version originally she took the liberty to make it her own, by singing the way she wanted to….hope you will like it…We are extremely sorry about the poor quality of the karaoke track….Could not find a better one….:(

Please let us know what you thought of this version….!! As always this song also was recorded and mixed by me at our Home Studio.

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Brinda said...

Hi Priyanka Excellent very
clear soothing voice You are
NVK's daughter Come up with more songs I really enjoyed it God bless you In any case
please don't break your singing God has given you a beautiful voice Brinda

N.V.Mani said...

Liked this melody of Priyanka very much.A very expressive and totally committed performance.All the best.

Parasmani said...

One of your best, Priyanka!
Lovely rendition...

N V Krishnan said...

Dear Brinda, Mani Anna and Paras...Thanks for listening to the song and for those nice words.. Priyanka also has asked me to convey her gratitude to you all for the encouragement and appreciation..