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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chandana Manivathil - Malayalam Cover by N V Krishnan

This is a song I wanted to sing since long. A very beautiful composition of late Ravindran.

Please listen and give your feedback

Film – Marikkunnilla Njan
Lyrics – Ezhacheri Ramachandran
Music – Ravindran
Original Singer – G Venugopal
Cover by: N V Krishnan

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Chandana Manivathil - Cover by N V Krishnan-MP3


N.V.Mani said...

Very pleasant to listen.
Free flow of music with good feel.

U said...

NV, thank you for the mail, very good song to listen. You may please keep it up in same way.

Gita said...

Krishnan, That's really great singing. We hope to hear more of the same.

Love & best wishes
Gita Chitti & Appu Chittappa