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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Amma Mazhakkarinu - Cover by N V Krishnan

I am here again with a song that is probably not an easy one to sing. I have attempted this song which was a great challenge for me considering the nature of the song and the limitations I have. Moreover I was not too familiar with this song when I started to record this song. I had to sit down and learn the nuances before recording unlike many other songs which are “in my system” and will come out spontaneously while singing. I my self could see a few areas where I could have been better.

For a change I have mixed my cover version with the original visuals from the movie and have uploaded here.

Please listen to my attempt at your convenience and give your feedback…

Song : Amma Mazhakkarinu
Movie : Madambi
Original Singer: K J Yesudas
Lyrics : Girish Puthencherry
Music: M Jayachandran
Cover By : N V Krishnan


Akshay said...

Hats off!! I have heard about this song before but this was the first time I heard it :D. I was looking for the original by Dasettan but after listening to your rendition, don't feel like looking for it. It is excellent in all ways.

(**Teardrops in the eyes while listening to the song**). Perfect emotions!!

Nair said...

Hi Krishnan, I have become a fan of yours after seeing your blog.. Its' mindblowing... All I can say please keep on doing this... It's truly inspires

Sainath Tower

N V Krishnan said...

Akshay, Gopi...

Very glad to see such lovely feedback from you both. Good to know you liked my attempt. Thank you very much.


BALAJI K said...

Hi NVK, How are you? Hope you remember me! K.Balaji from Bangalore!
Thank you for this wonderful song. thoroughly enjoyed it ! expecting to hear more of yours in all the sites wherever you are there! all the best!

Parasmani said...

"Amma Mazhakkarinu"

Even though I do not understand the lyrics, it was very easy to understand the song after watching the video and your singing is very expressive. Voice sounds very nice and the control on low notes was good. I noticed a little sob at the end. Nice touch!

It is very hard to see the parents getting sick because we always take them and their role for granted. I hope and pray for a speedy recovery for your Amma.

ജീ . ആര്‍ . കവിയൂര്‍ said...

real artist you are. i have hear you in live program a marvalous voice even in your second innings also you bat like master blaster may almighty bless you