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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Kangal Irandal - Cover by N V Krishnan and Subha

A beautiful Tamil song of the recent times which probably has umpteen number of cover versions. Many of the singers in the blogging world have done their version of the song.

I too join the crowd – I am
singing with an extremely talented singer Subhashini Mukund , who, according to me has sung brilliantly..

This song is slightly a deviation from the songs I normally sing. But have tried to do my best ..

Your feedback is needed for us to improve further..



meena said...

Both of you have done an excellent job!!.Subha has touched reethi gowla more classically in the final part,pitching issues at some places as well.Your sruthi is clean and the feel is very good.

ERB said...

Excellent singing - both of you..