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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dil Ke Armaan Aasuon Mein Beh Gaye -Cover by N V Krishnan

This is a very special song for me…for various reasons. First and foremost beause it is such a beautiful song with such lovely lyrics. Secondly lot of nostalgic memories come to my mind with this song. Both good and bad memories.. This song reminds me of a very successful stage show of mine done in 1983, in which I personally taught this song to a girl who sang it very extremely well in the show. That was the good part of the memory of the show..The sad part is that Arun Dalvi, a singer in the show, died on the same night in an accident..

I am attempting this wonderful composition of Ravi. This song from the movie ‘Nikaah’ was originally sung by Salma Agha. This is the first time I am singing a female original song. I have also made certain variations in the song. I have tried to sing with controlled emotions…..not the crying type…

Please give your feedback.

Dil ke armaanAansuon mein - BY N V Krishnan-64 MP3


Paras said...

Your best, since I have known you. Voice has nice resonance.
दर्द-ऐ-मोहब्बत को आपने बड़ी खूबसूरती से बयान किया है.
Lyrics and delivery are the soul of any ghazal... always mention the lyricist, please!
It is Hasan Kamaal.

My favorite....
शायद उनका आखिरी हो यह सितम
हर सितम यह सोचकर हम सह गए...

Nandita said...

Wow...Wonderful! Honestly, I liked it better than the original. Great job Sir!

N V Krishnan said...

Hi Patas...Thanks a for the nice feedback. I shall remember to men tion the lyricists name in future. Thanks for pointing out..

Nandita..Glad that you liked it. Thanks for the comments


divya said...

dear Krishnetta,

What a song..Though I had listened to the song a couple of times, Ths is the first time I am understanding the song..Both lyrics and the composition is awesome..and u man...Cant say...I guess u r too good in singin Hindi songs..

Othiri ishtappettu.