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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Yeh Nayan Dare Dare - Cover by N V Krishnan

One of the most popular songs of Hemant Kumar (1920-1989). From the movie “Kohra” , this song is composed and sung by Hemant da himself. This song was again sung by Lataji as a tribute to Hemant da in her Album “Shradhanjali” and also sung by Jagjit Singhji in his album ” Close to My Heart”.

My rendition here is a mixture of all the three versions of the song as mentioned above. However the Karaoke track is as per the original of Hemant da.

Please listen and give your feedback..

Yeh nayan dare dare-Final-mp3-64mbps


Nandita said...

Another great rendition by you Sir :). Enjoyed it!

Azam Khan said...

Sung with good control! Very enjoyable!

Rajesh Raman said...

Brilliant NVK...! The first time i heard this song was when My Dad bought the 'Shraddhanjali' cassette by LataJi, whe she has sung songs of all legends... :) Keep singing !

Paras said...

Well done..NVK!I noticed a (nice) variation in the last "Zaraa peene do".

Dinesh Pithia said...

Very Nice! Soulful & Mesmerizing singing and always pleasing listening your rendition. Infact I learn a lot from your singing.
Well done!

N V Krishnan said...

This is a song which is very very close to my heart. I am very glad to know that you all liked my version of the great composition of Hemant da.

Thank you very much for taking time and listening and also for posting encouraging comments..