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Friday, October 31, 2008

Kahin Door Jab Din Dhal Jaaye - Cover By N V Krishnan

Songs from the movie "Anand" are very special to me. First and foremost due to the melody in them and secondly as I used to sing them quite often. These were the first songs which I had recorded in a tape-recorder for the first time and heard them myself. I am talking about the early seventies...1971 , to be more specific. Prior to this though I had sung on stage, but I could not hear what I sang, which all wish to. Our neighbor had bought a spool type tape recorder - GRUNDIG make. Knowing that I do sing, they invited me to their house and asked me to sing in to the tape recorder.

Wow...I still remember how it felt to hear my own voice when the recorded voice was played back. In fact the very first song I recorded was another song, "main ne tere liye hi.." from the same film (Anand).

I have tried to sing the song "Kahin Door.." to the best of my abilty and to some extent in my own style. Do give your feedback. It means a lot to me..

Song : 'Kahin Door Jab Din Dhal Jaaye..'
Movie : Anand
Director : Hrishikesh Mukhergee
Music : Salil Choudhary
Lyrics : Gulzar
Singer : Mukesh
Cover by : N V Krishnan

kahin door jab din--F-F-64 Mp3

My good friend and a great singer himself Mr. Damu has done a video mixing of this cover version of mine with the original scene in the movie. Really a great work...


Paras said...

Your voice has nice resonance and never lacks feelings!
Noticed 2 very minor things.. at 2:13...should be Chhue, sounds like Chhuye...
at 3:26...should be Sahe, sounds like Sare.

TC Ratnapuri said...

Loved the Song, great start for my morning. I really commend your prefection in rendering. Also loved the quality of the recording. There is absolutely no room ambience attached to the vocals. Do you use a sound treated space or just a regular room?

Nandita said...

One of my fav songs from Anand (also one of my fav movies). You have sung it really really well and with a lot of emotion. Was a treat to the ears!
I wish the karaoke track were longer to accomodate the third stanza (dil jaane...) as well. One minor thing: I think in the second antara it is "hai meethi uljhan" and not "ghani thi uljhan".

N V Krishnan said...

Paras, TCR and Nandita

Thanks a lot for the very encouraging feedback.,

Paras...Noted the points made by you. Shall take care in future..

TCR...I record in an ordinary(regular) room which is not sound proof.

Nandita...Very glad that you loved the song. I too was a bit upset that the third stanza could not be sung. Regarding the point on lyrics you have mentioned, the words are in fact "ghani thi uljhan" only. I checked after reading your comment.

Thanks again..


Azam Khan said...

NVK sahab,

Very nice! Sun ke bohat achcha laga! The songs suits your voice wonderfully.

On an unrelated note, two suggestions for your blog page:

1. You should change settings so that the comment window opens separately. That way a person can continue to listen and write feedback!

2. Since you have "comment approval" enabled, you should turn off word verification for comments.

You can do both, by logging into your blog and going into "Settings". Click on "comments" tab and select question 3 & 10, appropriately.

Rajesh Raman said...

Really enjoyed it...again felt like Jagjit singh singing this song...!!!

Request: Would love to hear Koi jab tumhara hruday tod de...

N V Krishnan said...

Azam Khan, Rajesh,

Thanks a lot for the feedback. I really appreciate your time and support.

Azam Khan ..Your suggestions have been implemented. The instructions for doing that were quite apt and I really needed them. Thanks a lot.

Rajesh... I have already sung the song Koi Jab Tumhara... It is there in the blog. Would love to have your feedback on that too..


Harshan said...

NVK Sir ...yet another beautiful rendition from you. Very soulful indeed ...your soothing voice is always a pleasure to the ears.

Dinesh Pithia said...

One of my favourite song and you have sung very nicely. You sound so close to Jagjitji. Song suite your voice timbre. Well done!

N V Krishnan said...

Harshan , Dineshji...

Thanks for the feedback.


pankaj said...

just heard it. you really sing well.
by the way, the lyrics is by YOGESH and not GULZAR as you have stated. Please change it.


Anonymous said...

sir, you sing the song great, i like the most.
i'm also trying to sing this song but i don't have the background music(karaoke track) of the song, so will you send me the track please.