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Monday, September 22, 2008

Thendral Vandu Ennai Thodum - Cover by N V Krishnan and Adithi

A very famous song of K J Yesudas- S. Janaki- Ilayaraja team, from the movie "Thendrale Ennai Thodu". I am not very comfortable singing Tamil songs due to the problems related to diction, as my concentration gets diverted to that in trying to perfect them, affecting the quality of singing, I hope that hasn't happened here. Adithi has given great support by singing so beautifully.

Do give your feedback...

Thenral -Adithi & NVK -F1 -64-Mp3


Paras said...

I did not understand the words but it was very pleasant to the ears. The upbeat singing and "Tarara" part told me that this was a "happy" duet..
NVK...voice is very pleasing. Adithi... very nice voice control.

N V Krishnan said...


Thanks for listening and leaving a feedback ..I appreciate your time and support.

Awatts said...

WONDERFUL rendition with a lot of good modulations..

N V Krishnan said...

Awatts..Thanks for the appreciation

Anonymous said...

Krishnan. seriously i'm overwhelmed by your passion for singing. This song is simply beautiful. My best wishes for your Second Innings

isai said...

Hello sir,

Awesome singing by both of you:-).
Please keep posting more and more:-).

Venky said...

Great song, great effort, yes you both did a very good job in replicating the emotions brought out by the original version. I equally enjoyed your version, as well. Keep it up. Venky.

Srinivasan said...

Dear Anna
Thanks for uploading a nice song and singing it so beautifully..clearly your voice is quite soothing to hear and i guess there is no requirement of apprehention about the diction part..