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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Main Agar Kahoo- By N V Krishnan & Priyanka Krishnan

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Suchin said...

toooooo good!!!!! both of you have an excellent chemistry in voice.

i just noted two things in this recording rather than your singing which is flawless.

technically, your recording seem to have been added with more echo than normal. and, at times the volume suddenly varies along with the effects. this particular song mixes your voices and music very closely almost merging many instruments with your voice which naturally gets lost in the background music. this is my personal observation.

both of you have sung very well. i liked priyanka's voice very much.

N V Krishnan said...


Thanks a lot...Recording of this song was done quite some time back.. I feel I have improved very much on my recording skills since then...

Thanks once again..