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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Main Yeh Sochkar - Cover by N V Krishnan

This was initially one of the songs I was to render in the recent Stage Show Shame-e-Rafi Saheb under auspices of thhe Rafi Foundation in Mumbai. However later on, at the last moment the song was removed from the list of songs for the show…. But this song got stuck in my mind and I desperately wanted to sing this… Thanks to Praveen Pandit for sharing the karaoke track.

I recorded it in 15 mts…. Mixing and making a video took another 30mts….In short it was all over in just leass than an hour. Hope you will like my attempt…Your feedback would be highly appreciated. ….

Song: Main Yeh Sochkar….
Movie: Haqeeqat
Lyrics: Kaifi Azmi
Music: Madan Mohan
Original Singer: Mohd. Rafi
Cover by: N V Krishnan

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Main Yeh Sochkar - Cover by N V Krishnan | Upload Music

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